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InAstray phenomenal evolution of the network information online and fast in all fields and all sections programming and equipment has led to the prosperity of the network and the diversity of the sites specialized in all areas of life and the increasing desire of organizations, institutions and companies to have a presence on the network through Internet site transmitted through programs and services to clients and visitors Aloeda.

And of our and our keen interest to advancing development in the Arab world and to enable companies and institutions to keep pace with this development and we all praise and credit for the design of an integrated system that meets the needs of corporate websites and services, and indeed all fields

This system enables users to update the contents of the site every day without the need for a competent site designer at the head of the Foundation, and corresponding with members of the site easily and conveniently, and many other features.



Have been put forward content management system masterful matte 1 and 2.0 and 2.1, each version is the development of several features and add several new features, and the system can make the client's site coherent away from the dispersion of information and difficulty of management Fbreet allows you to manage content in a very simple and easy Fbreet break barrier familiar with the client simple Bkevp management of the location, and contrast Fbreet contains the internal systems are complex to allow it to respond promptly and smart client request.


Of the most important features of this system is to control the full and smooth form of the site or Altompelit can be for the designer to easily develop a special design of the system without making any modification in the code and without putting any code of its own, but it is very easy, he just take your folder Altompelit and design of another form in the footsteps of the first design (same file names and the same composition, the shape can change as he pleases)


Among the most important and most powerful features is the clever system modules and complained that they all feature the Arabic content management systems but masterful power system depends primarily on the developers and are supported by a large system is not accomplished a complete system and has all the needs of the client!!

It makes sense that each client objects, features and special programs wants or needs, it is impossible for a content management system met all the shall witty that puts the system modules particular allows developers to his understanding in a clear and easy and without complications Alinjazobdon loss of time and at the same time, the strength in performance and speed to meet the required,



It allows developers to integrating them into an easy working environment on the one hand the other hand, allows the customer to develop his company away from the imposition of the owner of the system for itself in every detail, or add the client needs.



Baare3 Content Management System is an independent Arab masterful programming suitable for the management of any business or personal site:

For example:try the following link

Administrator panel:
User Name: admin

To see a true site working with Baare3 try the following link:

System features in Control Panel (System Administrator):

1. Upper and lower content:This part of the site appears in only the first page at the top and bottom of the site is optional.
a. The site manager can put ads or important news at the top of the site and hide at any time

b. Can also be placed welcome constant, and can put links at the bottom of the task location and contact numbers.
c. You can add more content from the top and change the order. And the same thing for the lower content
d. It can also give them powers and can therefore be related to the contents of a certain class of members as members of established groups.

2. Left menu Home:This property enables you to add links on the home page of the site, and linking these icons internal pages on the site, or linked with external web pages on other sites
a. You can also customize the icons for all the members or class of users by groups of members or make them public for all visitors. Not so familiar with the content of this page only authorized after he logged on to the system and the same thing to the list right.
b. There is a fixed internal links in the system (such as us, photo album, etc...)
c. Can make the message will open in a new page or on the same page.
d. And can rearrange these icons at any time. Whether the order between each sub-icons or arrangement between some of the main icons.
e. Properties can be added to the link or page added (such as Counter, print feature, enabled the comments or send to a friend)
f. Sub-menus: You can add a list of sub-flow from the main menu and add links or the contents of the text or images or tables .. Etc. within the page.

4. Membership:The activation of the registry and close through the Control Panel, select the page to the Convention and membership requirements, and can the site manager control delete user, modify its data and stop its membership and stop the messaging feature to have and can send him a message to their email through the Control Panel and can change the quality of its membership of group.

5. Powers and supervision: a System administrator can customize one or more members of the school to be the supervisor of the department or more sections of the system. It can be such a power full or partial .. In the sense that it can be admin control over the content you add is the only (partial validity of this) .. The full authority is the power in the supervisor control the content you add all the moderators of this property is applicable to all sections of the system (web pages, menus right, content, photo album, ... etc).

6. Control the quality of membership: Manager can create a site types or groups of organic and therefore easier to exercise control in a particular group such as a group to stop or stop messages to a group and can also determine the range of any groups that enabled them to have to write letters of the Interior.

7. Poll:For the views of visitors in a particular subject, and access to a percentage minutes-per-view, may also be retained for an unlimited number of referendums held in the site, including the effective selection of the referendum.

8. News section: You can put the system from the news on your site in a coordinated and orderly, the system also allows you to divide the news groups, and you can customize the news to visitors and news to members and as members of groups, and show news on the news ticker at the top of the web pages.
a. And newsgroups can be arranged up and down and can be arranged news among themselves within each group.
b. Version could be developed and author of the story and you can add the properties of the additives such as news (Counter, print feature, enabled the comments or send to a friend).

9. Comments: You will find all the comments that were added to the site, whether in news or articles or pages .. Etc., can be deleted or activated ..

10. Mailing list:Visitors can (generally) registration of postal addresses for news site, is to send them through the Control Panel, via an advanced text editor.
a. You can add email addresses from the control panel by the supervisor, in this case does not require activation by the owner of the mail.

11. Web Pages: the most important characteristics of the site that you can add pages (infinite number) within the site and show in any place inside or outside the site. You can link from one of the icons left menu.
a. Can customize the page to one of the groups give members the sense of authority (for example: members, supervisors, monitors, ...).
b. Can be linked icon in the main menu.
c. You can add properties added to the page (such as Counter, print feature, enabled the comments or send to a friend).

12. Photo Album:You can put pictures of the events and meetings, and others, according to multiple partitions and can be arranged in sections with each other and each department a set of images can be arranged between them also, with the possibility to show the format is beautiful "zoom zoom" technology AJAX.

13. Audio and Video Library: In the same way about photo album .. You can create groups and put each group within the audio or video files with extensions into account the identification required.

14. Library programs and books: In the same way about photo album .. You can create groups and place within each set of books and programs, taking into account determine the required extensions and can download books, programs and files.

15. Comunities: According to this section to add any type of files to the site such as images, compressed files, in order to put a link in the news or the internal pages and can be divided into groups for easy classification.

16. Advanced settings of the system: a Password for the Control Panel: which can be modified the user name and password.
b. Site Data: which can modify the name and address of the site, and the template and a template for the control panel and some other settings.
c. Backup: You can back up the database and restore it from within the Control Panel.
d. Additional software: in many cases, the supervisor of the site needs to add services that are not (eg, electronic shop, courtesy cards, etc. ..) These additional software or so-called (module) can be programmed by the (technical orbit), or any programmer or company programming. It appears this module at the end and like a part of the system, visitors see and controlled by the Supervisors authorized.
And can be installed either to raise its volume and called from the control panel or through a compressed file directly lifted from within the Control Panel and can be deleted, and modified his name also.
e. Blocks block (block): It is the additions from which to develop additional services for the site, (such as news weather), the latest news from other sites, the locations of friendly .. Etc..
f. Control of internal communications between Members: control messages, and can be deleted.
g. Control in the left menu of the Control Panel: System provides masterful ability to control menus in the right of the Control Panel and can change their order, delete, and add other new and the possibility of linking specific Bmudiol Once you delete this module is to delete this list.
h. Control in the lists of settings: You may need the site manager after the addition of Module New to add a link to the controller in the settings has been placed in the witty this capability so that you can create a link within the links and settings can also be arranged between them and delete them and linking them Bmudiol and give it a note for the alarm and also give a picture or Icon expressive.

17. Guest Book: Site manager can enable or disable or delete the signature.

18. Add templates or designs: the site manager can add multiple designs or forms of the site which is called b (Altmbelt or theme) by placing them in a folder templete and can be switch between them in two ways:
a. Through the site manager to choose the default template for the site.
b. The visitor can also choose a template appropriate for him through the list of templates available (the site manager can hide the special selection Visitor)

General System Features:

19. Search:You can search the site to get the words you are looking for the visitor, whether the result in pages or news or photo album or library visualization or library programs, books, and show the results divided by the previous sections, and the results involving members just do not appear until the designated only for members.

20. Stats:The statistics show site visitors, and the number of news.

21. Contact Us: You can write to develop a model to manage the site, so you receive messages on your e-mail and attachments as well.

22. Mailing list:Visitors can (generally) registration of postal addresses for news site and is activated by the message they receive to their email, and is to send them through the Control Panel, via an advanced text editor.

23. Referendum: You can vote for any visitor and one-time only for the transparency and credibility of the vote, thanks to the system recognize the voter and allow him to vote only once.

24. Photo Album:photo album can be reviewed, according to sections and each section series of images, with the possibility of coordinating a beautiful show, "zoom zoom."

25. Library Video and Audio: You can review videos and audio mp3, in accordance with sections and each section a set of visual and audio.

26. Library Software and Books: Books can download files and programs, as permitted, in accordance with sections and each section a collection of books and programs.

Advantages of the system by:

1. Automatic registration on the site.

2. Internal communications to members: You can exchange messages of members by the authority granted to a member of the transmission of the group members and a member can know how many new messages are non-print at the top under the header can be the site manager to see messages and control (with the possibility to reply to messages or forwarding the message with the possibility of management of incoming and outgoing messages).

3. The possibility of amending its statements, each member can raise his own image in its membership.

4. The possibility of restoring the password in case of forgetting to mail direct-mail and password be reached.

5. Browse Pages and content and news of public and private tags.

6. It can access and control in some sections and have supervised the validity of a college or a particular part of the department, after the granting of such property by the site manager. .


3000 SR





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لتشغيل الجافا في
من البرامج القوية لمكافحة الفايروسات
النسخة العربية والرسمية من برنامج الماسنجر
من اشهر مشغلات الملتيميديا
من أروع البرامج لتسريع تنزيل الملفات من الإنترنت
من أروع برامج التصميم





Computers & Communications

Pirates break into the U.S. Treasury Department and spread malicious software
Pirates be able to break into three specific sites at the Treasury Department, and published ...

Soon .. "Google" analyzes the past, present and predict the future
"Google" Her famous search engine you decide to buy shares in a company "Recorder Future" ...

Latest security report from Microsoft confirms low number of injuries devices
Microsoft announced the launch of its eighth report on the security and information technology "SIRv8", a report, which monitors the development of information technology security worldwide in the period from July to December 2009.

Within five years .. Three-dimensional Internet reaches everyone
Expect a technical expert in the "Intel" processors specialized in the production of computers to change the form of entirely online through a five to ten years to come, to include also the largest of the three-dimensional content.

"Lenovo "of new notebook model" Aidiabad"
Hong Kong: One Company "Lenovo" specialized in the manufacture of electronic devices new notebooks is the third generation of a series of "Aidiabad" that it began in 2008.

For the first time .. "Sony" fully disclose their profits
A recent report predicted that the company announces its "Sony" Japanese during the next week, for the first time for the entire profits during the past two years, according to the newspaper "Nikkei" Japanese.
"Adobe "reveal" Creative Suite 5"
Company plans to "Adobe Systems", specializing in electronic publishing programs launch a range of applications, "Creative Suite 5" on 12 April.